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Makers Of Traditional Raw Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles & Relishes.

All our Pickles, Relishes, Kimchi & Sauerkrauts are hand made in small batches using natural ingredients and are adapted from our traditional family recipes.


Corporate marketing and PR

Corporate marketing and PR

Where To Find Our Jars…

We are now available at many of your favourite stores, restaurants and markets across London…


A growing number of brilliant eateries are using our Pickles, Sauerkraut, Kimchi & Relishes from West Country burger brilliance - Hubbox, to Monty’s Deli in Hoxton and The Jazz Cafe in Camden –
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Street Markets

We are a regular presence at the Award Winning Brockley Market & Ally Pally.
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Independent stockists

Our Sauerkrauts, Kimchi and pickles can now be found in these fabulous stores across London and beyond: Wholefoods Market (all stores); Franklins Farmshop, East Dulwich; Mother Earth, Stoke Newington; The Butchery, Forest Hill; Healthy Stuff, Hackney...
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Online Order

Coming soon Contact Us for wholesale enquiries.

How it all started

Back in 1956, when Gran left Hungary with my father, she left in a hurry. They had to leave most things behind. They just grabbed what they could the important stuff: a few pieces of family china and silver; a bunch of old photos; a suitcase full of clothes and… a big jar of pickles !

Why the pickles ? Well, as Granny said, We didn’t know when we were going to eat again, so pickles seemed like a good idea !”

Those pickles turned out to be a great idea Gran …

To these day we always have Gran’s pickles with every meal (not the original ones, of course!) and all these years later our family still keep an extra big jar of pickles in the cupboard, for gran, just in case …

Nick Vadasz

What we’re doing now

We specialise in lactic Acid fermentation – Our sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles are traditionally cured using English cabbage, natural salt and spices.Based in Hackney, East London, we have been brining since 2011.

Our recipes are inspired and driven by my family's history and Hungarian Jewish heritage. Our New Greens/1/2 Sours are based on the pickles my Grandmother would make every summer and have been received with great enthusiasm at our London Markets, where there has been a long tradition of Jewish delis serving such pickles.

Fascinated by the taste and smell of sauerkraut and pickles from an early age, I am still excited by them and the magical process of lactic acid fermentation; transforming simple vegetables into something special; adding value, taste and preserving tradition.

Born out of the need to preserve, to sustain, like all ferments: Cheese, bread, wine, beer, cider, vinegar, soy sauce etc fermented. Pickles, especially Sauerkraut and Kimchi, are original value added food heroes. There is also a growing interest in the health benefits of krauts and kimchis and the role of good bacteria in our diets.